About Matthew

Matthew is a native to Savannah and the Low-Country; growing up here has given him knowledge of those places well-known and many may not know about. His family has been in this community for generations; his great-great grandfather came over in 1888 and became a Savannah citizen. His great grandfather, Dan Sheehan, started Dan J Sheehan Company which has been embedded in Savannah since 1924. This company continues to service Savannah and the surrounding areas with the utmost loyalty, respect, and care. 

Matthew has taken these family attributes and applied them to his own companies Mox-Products, selling to thousands over the internet to Mox-Lawncare serving hundreds of families in the Savannah area. He continues to get involved with the Savannah economy and culture as he learns valuable lessons managing a major restaurant in the heart of downtown.

Through family values, dedication, and hard work, Matthew has learned what it takes to provide the service and dedication that you deserve and looks forward to working with you.